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Best of New Zealand - US Roadshow Series 2016

Event Type: TNZ Offshore Event
Location: Midwest and East Coast US - Various Cities
Market: North America

We are delighted to announce the following information relating to a series of events to promote the best of New Zealand across America.

Last year we had a large number of operators attend our Texas Sales Mission and it was very successful. Our strategy this year requires us to expand the New Zealand story to several new markets, so we’ve taken a fresh approach which will provide extended reach and each operator will receive maximum value for their investment.  

Starting mid-July we are organising 4 bespoke weeklong event roadshows.  Each event series will be custom designed to showcase 4 important US cities and will contain a mix of:

  • Exclusive events (lunch or dinner) for top producing travel advisors
  • Training presentations onsite at top tour operator partners (i.e. Goway, Travel Leaders, Swain, Tauck, etc.)
  • Consumer night events in conjunction with a key local travel agency
  • Retail travel agent events

Each series will have a total of 6-8 operators maximum (2 IMAs max per series).  This ensures that we are large enough to have a cross section of New Zealand but small/nimble enough to be mobile and enable us to access offices/events we cannot do with larger groups.  

Applications are open until 31 March only - no late applications will be accepted.  Please check the event prospectus attached to ensure you meet the event requirements and apply for a spot.

Read Tourism New Zealand Participation & Selection Criteria, and event Terms & Conditions


Tania Stevenson, Trade Event Manager, Wellington

Gregg Gant, Senior Trade Manager, Los Angeles