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Location: Wellington


Premium partnership programme - famil application

  1. Please provide one application form per famil participant
  2. Company Profile

  3. Company's current level of business to New Zealand

    All information remains confidential

  4. Ground only do not include flights
  5. Total projected booking value post famil activity (NZD)

    Ground value only do not include flights

  6. Type of product booked

  7. Commitment consent

  8. I commit to increasing the profile of New Zealand as a result of this famil by way of social media posts, blogs, electronic direct mail etc

  9. I commit to participating in the 100% Pure New Zealand specialist programme.

  10. I commit to 12 and 24 month reporting on incremental business

  11. I commit to engaging with Tourism New Zealand including participating in training, workshops and events.

test famil application form