Market Overview and China Toolkit

A new website, the China Toolkit, is now available to help the New Zealand tourism sector deliver quality experiences to Chinese visitors. The China Toolkit's focus is to help the visitor sector develop and deliver experiences that Chinese visitors' value and enjoy - by providing in one place a collection of useful tools that businesses can access.

Market Overview

China is New Zealand's second largest visitor market. Its continued economic strength and growing middle-class has seen sustained growth in Chinese visitor arrivals to New Zealand. Increased air capacity from the two direct carriers China Southern Airlines and Air New Zealand has helped this trend.

Tourism New Zealand's marketing in China targets consumers who are aware of New Zealand, and are already considering travelling to our country. The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign is central to this strategy, and promotes the amazing experiences available within New Zealand to motivate travellers to book their trip, including the Special Interest focus area of golf. This is underpinned by substantial trade development programmes that work with providers in-market to package unique experiences for Chinese travellers to purchase.

Establishing a quality end-to-end travel experience is the core focus for Tourism New Zealand's China Market Development Unit. In place since 2007, the team monitors the quality of tours run as part of the Approved Destination Status (ADS) programme to ensure Chinese visitors enjoy quality holiday experiences in New Zealand, helping to drive the long-term growth of this market.

Key Statistics

International Visitor Arrivals November 2014

Year End Total 257,584 11.5%
Year End (Holiday) 188,656 10.4%
Month End Total 27,184 47.9%
Month End (Holiday) 19,760 51.2%
Total Stay Days* 4,820,992
Total Stay Days (Holiday)* 1,504,064
Average Length of Stay* 18.7 days
Average Length of Stay (Holiday)* 8.0 days

International Visitor Survey - YE September 2014

Average Expenditure per Visit NZD4,200
Total Expenditure per Annum NZD979m

Market Trends

The first year of the Premium Kiwi Partnership (PKP) programme was very successful. This achievement was particularly relevant as China's new travel law, which bans the sale of "shopping"...