Market Overview

Germany is our second-largest visitor market in Europe and one that presents significant opportunities for New Zealand tourism. German visitor numbers have remained relatively consistent, despite European economic challenges. Tourism New Zealand is also working to attract German-speaking visitors from neighbouring markets including Austria and Switzerland.

German travellers appreciate New Zealand's mix of natural wonders and cultural attractions. For many Germans, New Zealand is an aspirational destination and Tourism New Zealand's work in this market is focused on converting this dream of a New Zealand holiday into travel bookings. Other barriers to travel include the high cost of flights to New Zealand, the strengthened Kiwi dollar against the Euro, and the fact that visiting other less-travelled destinations can be a priority for some travellers.

German visitors are independent travellers and approximately four out of five (79.8 per cent) will travel beyond the major tourist centres. They seek an active encounter with the environment and culture and would, for example, far prefer to kayak a river than go by jet boat.

The majority of German travellers spend significant time researching New Zealand well before travelling and are keen users of guidebooks. German visitors are likely to make the majority of their travel arrangements as they travel around New Zealand.

Length of stay and average spend per night are both high, relative to other markets, increasing the value of this market to New Zealand's tourism industry.

Tourism New Zealand has completed research in this market to identify those most likely to visit New Zealand: Active Considerers. This group, which forms Tourism New Zealand's target market, are already seriously considering coming to New Zealand on holiday. Read more about the research.

Key Statistics

International Visitor Arrivals April 2015

Year End Total 80,608 6.7%
Year End (Holiday) 57,872 8.2%
Month End Total 4,016 11.9%
Month End (Holiday) 2,912 15.3%
Total Stay Days* 4,106,032
Total Stay Days (Holiday)* 2,721,872
Average Length of Stay* 50.9 days
Average Length of Stay (Holiday)* 47 days

International Visitor Survey - YE December 2014

Average Expenditure per Visit NZD5,400
Total Expenditure per Annum NZD409m

Market Trends

Germany has been the success story of Europe over the past few years.  Numbers have been steady throughout the period since the global financial crisis and we've seen growth month...