Market Overview

Although awareness of New Zealand in Canada is not as low as in the US, one of the biggest challenges in this market is building perceptions that New Zealand is a good-value holiday option.

Unlike other long-haul markets, the distance and time it takes to travel to New Zealand is not a big concern to Canadians. They have a good understanding of where New Zealand is geographically and also about the distances required to travel long-haul.

More than half (53 per cent) of Canadian arrivals are holiday visitors, and over half are aged 45 years of age or older. Two-thirds are first-time visitors to New Zealand. Ontario (Toronto) is Canada's leading source region for visitors to New Zealand, followed by British Columbia (Vancouver).

Four out of five Canadian visitors include other destinations as part of their itinerary to New Zealand, with Australia being the most popular country en-route. Canadians tend to stay in New Zealand longer than their American neighbours and they generally spend more during their stay. More than half (67.4 per cent) of Canadian visitors to New Zealand travel beyond the main tourist centres to the regions.

Tourism New Zealand uses a mix of trade engagement, search engine marketing and public relations to market New Zealand in Canada.

Key Statistics

International Visitor Arrivals April 2015

Year End Total 49,984 3.5%
Year End (Holiday) 26,784 1.6%
Month End Total 3,424 18.9%
Month End (Holiday) 2,000 64.5%
Total Stay Days* 1,236,368
Total Stay Days (Holiday)* 610,560
Average Length of Stay* 24.7 days
Average Length of Stay (Holiday)* 22.8 days

International Visitor Survey - YE December 2014

Average Expenditure per Visit NZD4,300
Total Expenditure per Annum NZD192m