100% Pure You in Canada

Last Updated on: 9 February 2011

New Zealand 100% Pure You

New Zealand 100% Pure You was launched internationally during January and February 2011 and is a natural evolution of our iconic campaign 100% Pure New Zealand.

The new campaign has helped print a very clear message for brand New Zealand.

We've localised the message too.  What's in it for me as a visitor from LA isn't quite the same as it is for a professional couple from Shanghai.  The idea is the same but the message is locally optimised.

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…in Canada

The message for Americans emphasizes that a vacation in New Zealand is something that stays with you forever. You'll create memories in New Zealand that will truly change you, and never leave you.

The 'New Zealand 100% Pure You' campaign was launched in the US and Canada in January through a wide mix of online channels. The launch coincided with the reveal of a new feature on newzealand.com - 'The Top 10 Experiences That Will Never Leave You.'  This feature for Americans highlights the great range of activities they can experience in New Zealand, all in a clear and simple way.

Since launching 'New Zealand 100% Pure You' in the US and Canada, the campaign has been extended into joint venture activity with Air New Zealand, Qantas and STA Travel, and focuses on sale promotions.

Over the next year we will be incorporating new video content into the online mix to truly bring the 'New Zealand 100% Pure You' message to life. This additional format will enable us to wow customers with New Zealand's natural beauty in small format banners - something that wasn't previously possible.