There are a range of tourism data sets and reports available from both Tourism New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). These include Tourism New Zealand's Visitor Experience Monitor and our 'Active Considerers' research.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), is responsible for making quality information, research and forecasts available to the tourism industry to support its policy, marketing and commercial decision making.

It manages New Zealand tourism's core data set which is made up of the International Visitor Survey, Domestic Travel Survey, International Visitor Arrivals, Commercial Accommodation Monitor, Tourism Satellite Account and Tourism Forecasts.

This data and a variety of research reports are available on the tourism research website -

  • Visitor arrivals

    The International Visitor Arrivals to New Zealand (IVA) is a monthly report produced by Statistics New Zealand and sponsored by Tourism New Zealand. The report contains detailed...

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  • Infographics

    Tourism New Zealand presents facts and data in picture form, showing the demographics and behaviour of international travellers to New Zealand.

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  • Country and market research

    Tourism New Zealand conducts a range of research projects across target visitor markets, to gain greater understanding of the markets, and the thinking and behavior of potential travellers.  You can...

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  • Special interest and sector research

    Special interest sectors are activities or a travel style that potential visitors have high personal interest or passion for, that drives their travel decision. For New Zealand, it is about...

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  • Visitor Experience Monitor 2011/12

    Tourism New Zealand's annual Visitor Experience Monitor (VEM) is a survey of 4,566 international tourists who came to New Zealand for a holiday or to visit friends and family....

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  • Target Market: Active Considerers

    This research looks at the demographics, emotional needs and travel preferences of travellers from Tourism New Zealand's target market, known as 'Active Considerers'. In order to get the...

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  • Middle-earth marketing

    Tourism New Zealand's marketing strategy is focused on converting the international attention New Zealand will draw from starring in the Hobbit trilogy, into travel. Our campaign work...

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  • Asia Visitor Study 2011

    Tourism New Zealand has undertaken product development research specifically focused on international visitors from China, South East Asia and India to ensure that the New Zealand holiday experience satisfy...

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  • Distribution Channel Research 2008

    This research is provided for background information only. It was conducted in 2008 and Tourism New Zealand is now using more up-to-date research to inform its business objectives and...

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