Multi-partner campaign leverages increasing popularity of NZ's accessible range of outdoor activities

Date Published: 19 October 2011

Jautour promoting NZ tours on Lotte iMall home shopping TV network Modetour feature promotion on New Zealand activities

Leveraging the increasing popularity of New Zealand's accessible range of outdoor activities and natural landscapes, Tourism New Zealand worked with three of Korea's top travel agents from July 10 to Mar 11 to develop a co-ordinated campaign that focused on New Zealand's popular outdoor activities.

Highlighting the range of fun outdoor activity options in New Zealand, this multi-channel campaign was promoted online across a range of popular lifestyle websites and featured in the travel agent's own e-newsletters.  The campaign was also featured in print magazines and included on Korea's popular home shopping TV channel.

Tourism New Zealand also co-ordinated product training for over 220 retail staff in conjunction with this activity to take advantage of the increasing popularity and interest in Korea of New Zealand's active and accessible outdoors.