United Kingdom

Market Overview

New Zealand has long been a favourite holiday destination for British travellers. However, travel to New Zealand and other long-haul destinations was hit hard by the economic downturn.

The maturity of the UK market means New Zealand is unlikely to see the growth in visitor arrivals that was seen prior to the global financial crisis. Tourism New Zealand's focus is on converting those potential visitors who are seriously considering New Zealand as a holiday destination and growing the value of these visitors.

Hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2011 provided New Zealand with the opportunity to showcase the country's attractions to millions of people in our key target markets. The tournament also proved to be a strong attraction for visitors from the United Kingdom and Ireland, with more than 22,000 travelling to New Zealand to follow their teams, and enjoy events and tourism experiences between matches.

Half of British visitors to New Zealand have already been here at least once before, and around three-quarters (73.2 per cent) of British travellers visit regions beyond the main tourist centres.  British travellers are amongst the longest stayers in New Zealand, with the majority either visiting for a holiday, or visiting friends or relatives in New Zealand.

The Internet is a key tool for British travellers researching, planning and booking their holidays. Travel agents are used extensively to book flights and other holiday aspects. Many of the travel bookings made online are through travel agents' websites. Around 80 per cent of British travellers to New Zealand are either free independent travellers (FIT) or semi-independent, making a significant proportion of their bookings as they travel the country.

Key Statistics

International Visitor Arrivals April 2015

Year End Total 198,096 2%
Year End (Holiday) 82,336 7.3%
Month End Total 11,472 12.7%
Month End (Holiday) 4,736 6.5%
Total Stay Days* 5,709,968
Total Stay Days (Holiday)* 2,332,816
Average Length of Stay* 28.8 days
Average Length of Stay (Holiday)* 28.3 days

International Visitor Survey - December 2014

Average Expenditure per Visit NZD4,200
Total Expenditure per Annum NZD790m

Market Trends

Like all of the Western markets, The Hobbit Trilogy will feature very strongly in our promotional plans in the UK. There will also be a strong focus on Special...