Market Trends

Last Updated on: 19 November 2013

Like all of the Western markets, The Hobbit Trilogy will feature very strongly in our promotional plans in the UK. There will also be a strong focus on Special Interest areas, such as walking and cycling, where we will be looking to bring product managers to New Zealand. A big push will also happen in the Premium space, as the UK has always been strong in this sector and we will be working hard to make sure it returns.


Key Indicators

Sources: (GDP Growth) (Exchange rates)

Exchange Rate vs NZD GBP1 = NZD1.91181 (March 13)
Expected GDP Growth  +0.2% for 2012 (est.)

For more detailed information on the UK economy, visit or read the economic analysis in New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's UK country guide.

Outbound Travel

According to Tourism New Zealand research, members of our target market in the UK are looking for a holiday destination where they can have fun, learn, relax and explore new things.

Younger travellers from our target market in the UK are more likely to value reducing stress, escaping everyday life, and having excitement and adventure.

Airline Update

New Zealand is well serviced with air capacity from the United Kingdom.
Air New Zealand provide services via both Hong Kong and Los Angeles daily, while a number of carriers offer one/two stop services via Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand). A number of Middle Eastern Carriers also offer options via UAE and Australia.

Multi-stop and code-share options are also popular particularly amongst youth travellers on round the world fares or taking a gap year.

Fare levels fluctuate across the year depending on season and demand. The strong northbound traffic, fare increases, increases in taxation (APD) and, in 2011, the return of fuel surcharges have seen fares return to pre-recession levels (GBP 1000+) over much of the year. UK travellers have been conditioned to seeking deals and frequent fare initiatives are continually launched leading to an ever shorter booking window (often six to eight weeks).

Cruise Update

The UK cruise market is on the upturn and cruise numbers continue to grow, with new capacity being added worldwide. 

Competitor Activity

Australia and Canada are New Zealand's main competitors by quite some distance, coming in as the top two preferred destinations for UK travellers. Closer, warmer, cheaper destinations also appear to be of greatest appeal to British travellers at present. The strengthening of the British Pound is seeing travel to Europe again affordable and popular. Deals and all inclusive holidays (cruise included) are popular forms. Turkey and other sun destinations on the edge of the Eurozone have experienced strong growth.