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Emerging Markets

Through the development of Tourism New Zealand's three-year marketing strategy, three key emerging markets were identified as holding significant potential for New Zealand in the longer term. These markets are India, Indonesia and Latin America. Their strong economies are leading to an emerging middle class and growth in personal spending power, resulting in outbound travel from these countries growing exponentially.

Tourism New Zealand is committed to investing early (i.e. at a higher level than the current visitor numbers would justify) within these markets to build demand and to provide leadership and support for New Zealand tourism businesses. Investing ahead of the curve will also accelerate the development of quality visitor arrivals from these markets.

We have structured our teams in these countries to service the markets effectively. We have expanded our India based team and confirmed a team in Indonesia and Latin America, appointing a Country Manager, Marketing Communications Manager and PR Manager in all markets. The new appointments mean we will be well placed to maximise the opportunities available from these growing markets. 

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  1. Indian arrivals to New Zealand are steadily growing (for the year ending August 2016 total arrivals were 48,720 up 12.3% on the previous year).

  2. Tourism New Zealand opened an office in São Paulo in December 2013 to service the Latin American markets of Brazil and Argentina.

  3. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation. Indonesia is also the world's biggest Muslim nation, with over 80 per cent of its population stating that they practise Islam. In economic terms, Indonesia has the potential to maintain a rapid rate of economic expansion for several decades, with real GDP growth forecast to average 5.4 per cent a year through to 2030 (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2012). While Indonesia has an expanding middle class with a growing ability and desire to travel, outbound travel from Indonesia is currently being fuelled by the wealthy and young single professionals.