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New Zealand is a popular holiday choice for Singaporeans seeking an escape from life in the concrete jungle. Travellers from this market enjoy New Zealand's open space, scenery and fresh air.

Many Singaporeans have the financial means to enjoy premium travel, making them a valuable market for New Zealand in the long term. There is increasing interest in travel to New Zealand among Singapore's ageing Baby Boomers, who have been more insulated than most from the global economic downturn and also have more time to travel.

Over half of Singaporean visitors (58.4 per cent) travel outside the main regions, and 48.6 per cent are repeat visitors.

Travel agents are still the favoured option for booking travel packages but there is a growing trend towards direct booking online, especially for air travel, and researching the cost of accommodation, activities, and air tickets over the internet. Self-drive holidays are also gaining in popularity.