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Special Interest

Fly-fishing in New Zealand provides a diverse range of rivers and lakes and internationally recognised guides.


Our activity promotes fly-fishing as 'Naturally rewarding' - due to the diversity of fishing locations, including some of the best sighted trout fishing in the world.

There is an enormous choice of fish filled lakes, rivers and streams across the country, with luxury lodges, local food and wine, and other activities close by.

What do we know about this sector of travellers?

  • International fly-fishing visitors tend to take at least two fishing holidays per year on top of fishing trips in their own countries.

  • Many American and European fly-fishing visitors travel with a partner, so the other experiences a country can offer are key to their travel planning. Most of the women who travel with their husbands also fish, particularly from the USA.

  • Australian's make frequent visits during a season, particularly travelling for shorter 'boys' trips.

  • Markets that provide the most fly-fishing tourists include the USA, Australia and Europe.

Who are we targeting?

Travellers aged 50 and over from Australia, USA and Europe who travel specifically to fly-fish, with other activities complementing the fishing holiday. They are mostly male and tend to be highly educated, married, own their own homes and are either in managerial positions or retired and financially well off.

Key insight and our points of difference

These visitors fish for the challenge, but the natural environments and the meditative feelings of peace and calm they experience as a result of fly-fishing are just as important to them.

New Zealand's points of difference are:

  • Accessibility (access to the best sighted river fishing for trout in the world, and the ability of fishing in different river each day)

  • Proximity (to other activities, towns and cities)

  • Diversity (of the natural settings)

  • People (world-class fishing guides)

Key barriers

International anglers are aware of New Zealand as a great fly-fishing destination. However, there are many other great fly-fishing countries, such as Patagonia, Argentina or Alaska that are more top of mind than New Zealand.

Therefore, the goal is to inspire anglers to put New Zealand at the top of their travel list by making them feel that if they don't come to New Zealand to fly-fish, they are missing out on an iconic fly-fishing experience.

See New Zealand's fly-fishing offering on newzealand.com.