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What Kiwis think

Research has shown almost all New Zealanders agree that international tourism is good for the country. 

However, 21 per cent think New Zealand attracts too many visitors and most New Zealanders still underestimate the size of the tourism industry.

Tourism New Zealand and Tourism Industry Aotearoa first ran their ‘Mood of the Nation’ survey in November 2015 and have been using it as a ‘sense check’ on how Kiwis are feeling, ever since. The information is being used to help inform the Government and industry on where action is needed.

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You can read more on the research including the full reports here. 

Learn more about the benefits of tourism here. 

June 2017: Infographic 

April 2017: Clear support for tourism among public 

December 2016: Support for tourism but some concerns  

April 2016: Mood of the nation highlights pressure points 

December 2015: Mood of the nation report 

A new survey by Angus and Associates, Nov 2017 reinforces the message that Kiwis support tourism 

Enhancing the visitor experience

Manaakitangi at its best Some 1500 Kiwi families opened their homes free of charge to Lions fans and supporters.  “I thought if New Zealanders were keen to open up their homes that would be pretty cool and it just grew and blossomed from there.”

A Rotorua taxi driver has learned greetings in eight languages so he can welcome visitors to the city.

Canterbury students helping Kaikoura get in shape for the tourist season