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  2. Media Releases

    New Zealand’s newest i-SITE Visitor Centre opens in Foxton.

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  3. Media Releases

    New Zealand is leading world tourism trends with record international visitor arrivals.

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  4. Media Releases

    New Zealand is becoming increasingly popular among Filipino travellers and visitor numbers are set to grow following the launch of several Tourism New Zealand ventures.

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  5. Media Releases

    New Zealand is becoming a place of choice for the world’s wealthiest with increasing numbers jet setting their way to New Zealand than ever before.

  6. Media Releases

    One of Tourism New Zealand’s largest industry networking events was held last week in China. Kiwi Link China 2017 saw more than 4,500 one-on-one networking meetings held over just three days.

  7. Media Releases

    New Zealand’s official visitor information network, i-SITE New Zealand welcomes the addition of a new, purpose built i-SITE at Waiouru bringing the total number of i-SITEs nationwide to 80.

  8. Media Releases

    The popular Tuku Iho exhibition has been a backdrop for training that has seen around 600 travel sellers from America schooled up on New Zealand.

  9. Marketing Activity

    A new campaign is underway to get more Australians basing themselves in Christchurch for an autumn holiday next year.

  10. Marketing Activity

    Japanese travel specialists have experienced New Zealand springtime first-hand this year, with three famil groups visiting picturesque North and South Island regions since September.

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