100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand

Last Updated on: 16 September 2013

100% Middle-earth,100% Pure New Zealand will underpin Tourism New Zealand's (TNZ) campaign work to promote New Zealand as a visitor destination through its association with the upcoming film releases of "The Hobbit" Trilogy - productions of New Line Cinema and MGM,  distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The aim is to take advantage of that global profile by showing how easily the fantasy of The Hobbit movies can become reality in the form of a New Zealand holiday.

Many movie goers would probably consider the landscapes of 'Middle-earth' to be a fantasy, only made possible thanks to the talents of film makers. Not so.

Marketing work will show potential travellers that the fantasy of Middle-earth is in fact the reality of New Zealand - and that there is a whole world of experiences to be had and people to meet within the movie-scene style landscapes.

Marketing activity will show how easy it is to come here, see Middle-earth first-hand, and enjoy all the exciting and fun experiences New Zealand has to offer.

Advert Wins Impact Award

Tourism New Zealand's new 100% Middle-earth campaign advert has won a Colmar Brunton Ad Impact award. 

Harriet Dixon from Colmar Brunton says "Carrying through the 100% signature is a nice nod to the previous campaign, while the Middle Earth story takes us to a place somewhere between reality and fantasy where we recognise the country we're so proud of, and love to share.

This ad is one of those rare things: lovely and soft, tugging at the heart strings, but still managing to wipe the floor across all the impact measures.

It creates very high impact through its clever use of creative style and wonderful storytelling… Great branding and strong talkability are also aiding the success of this campaign, gaining impassioned appeal among consumers."

Read the full story here published on 21 September 2012.

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