Fast facts

Last Updated on: 6 January 2015

Below are some interesting and quirky facts about Middle-earth tourism and movie making in New Zealand.

Hobbit movie making

• 99 sets built
• 6750 domestic flights taken
• 19 commercial properties leased long term
• 93,000 hotel bed nights sold
• 1800 rental cars hired
• 1650 work vehicles  used           
• $380,000  spent on coffee
• $9,180,000 spent on set construction materials (with local suppliers)
• Approximately 16,000 days worked by New Zealand actors
• $1,450,000 spent with local food suppliers

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The legacy of the Lord of the Rings

In 2004
• Six percent of visitors to New Zealand (around 120,000 -150,000 people) cite The Lord of the Rings as being one of the main reasons for visiting New Zealand.
• One per cent of visitors said that the Lord of the Rings was their main or only reason for visiting.
• This one per cent related to approximately NZ$32.8m in spend
• 63,200 visitors participated in a Lord of the Rings activity while here.
• 9,988 international tourists did a group tour for LOTRs fans
• 20,251 international tourists did an organised tour that included a LOTR site
• 29,233 international tourists visited a LOTR site independently

Since 2004, an average 47,000 international visitors each year have visited a film location.

Source: International Visitor Survey

The New Zealand screen sector

• New Zealand's total screen industry revenue rose 10 percent in 2012 to reach $3.29 billion, a $300 million increase
• Production and post-production work is the creative part of the screen industry; in which films, television programmes and commercials are made. Income from production and post-production made up more than half of this total, at $1.67 billion
• Feature film revenue rose 47 percent to just over $1 billion, making up almost a third of all production and post-production revenue
• In 2012, total international revenue rose 17 percent, to $517 million
• North America contributes around 90% of all international screen revenue in NZ
• The industry supports 2,805 businesses almost all in production and post-production
• Screen industry business reported 110 international co-productions completed in 2012
• The New Zealand screen industry contributes $780 million in wages and salaries
• International coproduction partners in 2012 included: North America 12, UK 3, Asia 6, Australia 12
• Employment figures released in December 2012 showed that New Zealand Screen Industry Businesses directly employed more than 15,000 people in more than 23,000 screen industry jobs
• Work was completed on 40 feature films (up from 35 in 2011)
• There were 1300 television series and 520 one off programmes

Source: Statistics New Zealand Screen Industry Survey 2012