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  1. One of Tourism New Zealand’s largest industry networking events was held last week in China. Kiwi Link China 2017 saw more than 4,500 one-on-one networking meetings held over just three days.

  2. Travel agents in Latin America are becoming increasingly eager to improve their knowledge of New Zealand because it is proving to be such a popular travel destination.

  3. More than 400 travel agents across the United Kingdom and Europe were educated on New Zealand’s regions during Tourism New Zealand’s latest training roadshow.

  4. The number of 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists has almost tripled since a new and improved version of the programme was launched in June.

  5. In a first for Australia, 600 frontline travel agents have taken part in a series of events across the country, learning how to sell New Zealand’s hidden gems.

  6. New Zealand based travel sellers can now promote their specialist country knowledge in the same way as their international counterparts, thanks to changes Tourism New Zealand has made to its trade training programme.

  7. Tourism New Zealand will be out in full force at TRENZ next week supporting the tourism industry’s most important international event of the year.

  8. Tourism New Zealand and Christchurch Airport (CIAL) have today signed a new MOU committing $6 million to jointly promote New Zealand through Christchurch Airport.

  9. New Zealand tourism made a powerful impact with the travel trade at the European Product Workshop (EPW) in London last week.

  10. As we kick off another big year of activity we have had a close look at our offshore trade events to ensure we are focusing our spend in the right places and at the right times. As a result some changes are being made this year which will impact on those of you who are planning to take part in our offshore events programme.

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