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Rugby World Cup 2011 Good for Business

Date Published: 29 June 2010

Rugby World Cup 2011 and the nationwide festival being organised around the event are offering new commercial opportunities to tourism operators around the country.

These will be generated from networking events, exhibitions and trade shows, festival activities, heightened international exposure and increased visitor numbers and spend.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is encouraging New Zealand businesses to plan for the RWC and to consider right now how they can become involved in the event.

Opportunities include such things as adding value to the visitor experience, building business around culture and getting involved in the Business Club 2011.

Get involved

Peter Bull, Group General Manager Rugby World Cup, NZTE says the arrival of up to 85,000 visitors in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup will create demand for products and services and offer the opportunity to show the world the best of New Zealand.

"Tourism businesses have a critical role in delivering an experience that will exceed visitor expectations and provide a base for showcasing New Zealand's innovative products and services."

Operators are being encouraged to find ways to add value to the international visitor experience. This may include the upskilling and development of frontline staff, improving frontline foreign language skills, and ensuring staff understand the places and customs of their regions.

For some operators business plans focused around the RWC are already well underway.

Waiheke Unlimited (a luxury rental accommodation provider on Waiheke Island) has formed a collective with other tourism operators in the area to help market the island for RWC 2011. The new collective has been appropriately named 'Team Waiheke' and, according to Ed Coutts of Waiheke Unlimited, the vision of the collective is to provide "one voice" to the international tourism sector.

Cultural demand

Research shows visitors to New Zealand want to experience authentic Māori and pacific culture during their stay here. Organisations representing Māori commercial interests have identified the RWC 2011 as a significant opportunity to promote Māori entrepreneurship, business and products. NZTE's website has ideas for tourism operators around incorporating culture into their offerings for RWC visitors.

Join the club

The New Zealand 2011 office is running the Business Club 2011, to assist both International and New Zealand business people to network and create contacts.

The Business Club will give New Zealand businesses the opportunity to connect with, and host, international business people at events around the RWC. The programme will showcase the best New Zealand has to offer, from wine and food, arts and culture through to yachting and much more.

Auckland set to benefit

From a regional perspective, Auckland looks to become the biggest beneficiary of the Rugby World Cup once visitors touch down next year.

The direct economic benefit for Auckland during the Tournament is estimated at around NZD267 million. This is just over half the expected economic benefit to New Zealand as a whole, while the indirect benefit from links created internationally by Auckland businesses will be far greater.

The Auckland Economic development agency has produced a 'Business opportunity guide' on how Auckland businesses can put themselves on the path to growth by taking advantage of the opportunities the RWC 2011 will offer.

The Major Events Management Act 2007

If you are planning to promote your business during the RWC, read the Major Events Management Act (MEMA) 2007 guidelines to help you get to grips with what you can and can't do.