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Partnership Set to Increase Japanese Visitor Numbers

Date Published: 29 September 2010

A JTB travel agent showing off the new Tourism New Zealand and JTB marketing collateral.

New Zealand can expect to see more Japanese tourists this summer thanks to a partnership between Tourism New Zealand, Air New Zealand and Japan's largest travel agency, JTB.

The three partners have launched a new 100% Pure New Zealand retail promotion in 150 JTB stores around Japan with the goal of capitalising on increased interest from Japanese holidaymakers in travelling to New Zealand. New Zealand has become an attractive destination for Japanese tourists because of favourable exchange rates and a general increase in outbound travel from Japan as the economy starts to improve.

The promotion follows an Air New Zealand announcement that it will operate 14 additional charter flights from Japan to Auckland this summer, providing an additional 3,220 seats on the popular tourist route.

Tourism New Zealand Regional Manager Japan and Korea Jason Hill said the promotion was expected to increase bookings on JTB Look branded tours by at least 25 per cent over the coming summer. That would equate to an additional 700 Japanese visitors and a total of 3,500 travelling on JTB Look branded tours over the summer, he says.

"This is the largest ever retail store sales promotion we have run in Japan. JTB have created a massive amount of jointly branded marketing collateral for JTB stores and provided training seminars on travel to New Zealand for 700 of their salespeople."

To ensure those in JTB's busiest stores are fully informed, 30 of their top salespeople will soon have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to get first hand experience of the product they will be selling, Mr Hill says.

The number of Japanese tourists visiting New Zealand has increased in recent months after a period of decline.

During August, 7,876 Japanese visitors arrived in New Zealand, up 41 per cent on August 2009.  Japanese visitor numbers were also up 10.1% for the year ending August 2010. The average Japanese tourist spends $4,609 per visit, ranking them among New Zealand's highest spending international visitors.