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Tourism New Zealand Launches Summer Marketing Offensive

Date Published: 12 October 2010

A selection of the new digital marketing material being used on major travel and news sites in some of Tourism New Zealand's key markets.

To herald in the summer season, Tourism New Zealand has launched a fresh marketing offensive in China and expanded its digital campaigns in Japan, USA, Canada, UK and Germany.

Tourism New Zealand General Manager of Marketing Communications Justin Watson says the expanded China campaign aims to capitalise on increased flights to New Zealand from China and nearby South East Asian travel hubs; and a return to travel post concerns over Swine Flu.

The campaign will see a big push into targeted digital marketing and placement of New Zealand marketing material on 20,000 taxi touchscreens and thousands of office building LCD screens in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

LCD screens and touchscreens in taxis have been used in Beijing and Shanghai in previous years but the campaign has been expanded to include Guangzhou in 2010.

"There are now some charter flights linking Guangzhou to New Zealand and it's close to the travel hub of Hong Kong, so it makes sense for us to expand our China marketing campaign to the Guangzhou area," Justin Watson says.

The new campaign signifies a change of strategy for Tourism New Zealand as the organisation moves to target the Active Considerer market as a result of new research just completed. Active Considerers are people who are already considering travelling to New Zealand.

"Our efforts in China involve placement of carefully targeted banner ads and interactive content on popular travel-related websites. Search engine optimisation is also being used to ensure people searching for travel information online are directed to websites with strong New Zealand content," Justin Watson says.

Similar digital campaigns targeting Active Considerers have kicked off in Japan, USA, Canada, UK and Germany with the goal of providing a boost to tourist numbers this summer.

The campaigns include placement of Tourism New Zealand banners and interactive content on popular travel and news websites, including Trip Advisor and the websites of the BBC, New York Times and Tokyo's Nikkei newspaper.

To bolster marketing efforts further, Tourism New Zealand has also entered into joint ventures with Air New Zealand in the USA, Canada and Germany, and with Singapore Airlines in the UK.

New Zealand's eight largest visitor markets in August were Australia, USA, China, UK, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Canada.

Visitor arrival figures for September will be released next week.