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New Zealand is World’s Third Strongest Brand

Date Published: 24 November 2010

New Zealand has been ranked the third strongest country brand in the world in the 2010 sixth annual Futurebrand Country Brand Index (CBI).

New Zealand placed just behind Canada and Australia, and nudged ahead of the US in the survey, which ranks countries in terms of their brand strength. The third-placed overall ranking this year goes one better than New Zealand's fourth-placing in the 2009 survey.

The 2010 Country Brand Index report is produced annually by FutureBrand in partnership with BBC World News, and is the most comprehensive study of country brands to date. It ranks countries in terms of their brand strength in Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Good for doing Business, Quality of Life and Value System. It also identifies emerging global trends in travel and tourism, the world's fastest growing economic sector.

In addition to its third overall ranking, New Zealand was ranked third in the Index's tourism dimension, and made it into the survey's top five countries for natural beauty, value for money and freedom of speech. Respondents also ranked New Zealand as one of the top five countries they would most like to live in.

Tourism New Zealand's Chief Executive Kevin Bowler said it was great to see brand New Zealand continuing to gain strength, especially in such a highly competitive international market.

"The consistency of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign has kept New Zealand top of mind, and has made a promise that New Zealand is continuing to keep.

"New Zealand is renowned worldwide for its spectacular scenery, Maori culture and natural beauty but we also need to offer a fully-rounded individual experience for visitors."

New Zealand has occupied the Top 10 country brands list for five of the past six editions of the CBI.
The CBI incorporates an in-depth research study involving feedback from 3,400 international business and leisure travellers from 13 countries on all five continents. This year's research examined 110 country brands.

Top 10 Countries in 2010:

1. Canada
2. Australia
3. New Zealand
4. United States
5. Switzerland
6. Japan
7. France
8. Finland
9. United Kingdom
10. Sweden