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April international arrivals show growth

Date Published: 20 May 2011

International arrivals into New Zealand increased by 5.2 percent during April 2011 to 197,777, when compared to the same month in 2010, Statistics New Zealand figures released today show.

April arrivals increased from key markets including Australia (up 8.9 percent), UK (up 20.5 percent), US (up 4.5 percent), while China remained stable (up 0.2 percent). Other markets to perform well included India (up 25.3 percent), Malaysia (up 94.4 percent), Singapore (up 23.5 percent), Germany (up 23.1 percent). Visitors from Japan (down 52.3 percent) and Korea (down 48.6 percent) declined sharply.

In the 12 months to April 2011, 2,516,454 international visitors arrived in New Zealand, an increase of 1.0 per cent compared to the year to April 2010.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler said the increase in arrivals was certainly pleasing following sharp declines in visitors during March on the back of the Christchurch earthquake and challenging economic conditions in some of New Zealand's key markets.

"A number of factors will have contributed to the growth in visitor numbers for the month including school holidays in Australia, a later than usual Easter period, and Tourism New Zealand's increased marketing activity.

"The commencement of new links between Kuala Lumpur and Christchurch, Singapore and Auckland, and Guangzhou and Auckland will have contributed to positive arrival numbers from parts of Asia, while our marketing efforts in Australia have helped boost numbers from our most important market.

"The challenge for Tourism New Zealand and the wider industry is to now ensure we have a strong Winter season and that visitors are encouraged to come for Spring, whether their interest is in rugby or simply having a great holiday at a remarkable time of the year."

International visitor arrivals April 2011:

Country Arrivals for April Change from April 2010 Arrivals full year to April Change for full year to April
Australia 99,000 up 8.7% 1,251,035 up 0.1%
UK 17,088 up 20.5% 222,803 down 11.5%
USA 12,840 up 4.5% 190,510 down 2.0%
China 10,296 up 0.2% 129,588 up 29.4%
Japan 2,544 down 52.3% 82,599 up 4.7%
South Korea 2,640 down 48.6% 62,543 up 16.5%
Germany 3,456 up 23.1% 64,957 down 0.3%
Canada 2,880 down 9.8% 48,829 up 0.3%
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