About Offshore Trade Events

Tourism New Zealand takes part in a variety of offshore trade events each year including consumer and trade travel expos, road shows and product workshops. These events enable New Zealand operators to meet international travel sellers and gain a better understanding of their product requirements, and for travel sellers to get to know New Zealand products so that they are better able to recommend them confidently to their customers.

Tourism New Zealand decides which events we will participate in based on whether they match what New Zealand offers as a destination, will help us attract visitors from our target market, offer good value for money and have been successful events for New Zealand in the past.

Attending offshore events is costly. Before making the decision to attend, tourism businesses should consider whether their product or service is ready for the international market place. Operators will also need to consider whether to attend as an individual business, as part of a collective such as an International Marketing Alliance (IMA), or whether they can be represented by an industry association or local regional tourism organisation.

Tourism New Zealand has standardised terms and conditions and participation and selection criteria that apply across all events.

Events have a participation fee and operators are expected to cover the costs of their own transport and accommodation. Tourism New Zealand provides full support before and during the event, making all event arrangements and ensuring participants have the best opportunity to build relationships with key travel trade representatives in the market where it is held.

Quality accreditation

To ensure that the quality standard of products and services we represent to consumers and travel sellers offshore is top-notch, Tourism New Zealand allows only quality accredited operators to take part in the trade events we organise.

Quality accreditation gives consumers and travel sellers assurance that the operators they are dealing with have been independently assessed, and that their product or service will live up to expectations in terms of quality and professionalism.

Before registering for an event, businesses need to be able to demonstrate and show evidence of a widely recognised, independent accreditation under a third party quality rating system, such as Qualmark.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Standard Terms and Conditions apply across all international trade events run by Tourism New Zealand. Operators applying to participate must agree with the terms and conditions set out in...

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