What we do

Our role is to promote New Zealand internationally as a visitor destination. Tourism marketing is about portraying New Zealand in a way that fuels the desires of the world's travellers to visit our shores and ensures New Zealand remains a priority visitor destination.

Tourism New Zealand's Statement of Intent outlines our roles and responsibilities as a Crown Entity, and our intentions for the next three years. 

The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign focuses on the experiences you as a visitor can have within the stunning landscapes and awesome scenery of New Zealand. It is vital when our visitors get here that their experience reflects what they have been promised by the campaign.

Through our research, our work with the New Zealand tourism industry and involvement in initiatives such as Qualmark and i-SITE, Tourism New Zealand is able to help deliver on that promise.

New Zealand's target market

In 2010, Tourism New Zealand undertook significant research to identify those interested in a New Zealand holiday. The research carried out across 10 countries markets, identified people actively considering a visit to New Zealand. We call these people 'Active Considerers'. This group has been defined as the new target audience for New Zealand.

Active Considerers are not just aware of New Zealand and interested in coming here 'some day'; they already have New Zealand on their list of preferred future holiday destinations. They are also aged over 18 and are willing to spend a minimum set amount on their holiday here. Our desire is to get New Zealand to the top of this list.

The extensive research identified who these people are, what's important to them, what appeals about New Zealand and what a New Zealand holiday would look like for them.

The information gathered is being used to tailor New Zealand's marketing messages to the interests and priorities of this group of people in each market, with the aim of converting their interest in New Zealand into purchase of travel.


Tourism New Zealand has a dedicated marketing research team that is continually analysing visitor preferences, opinions, trends and behaviour. The data is used to review and inform our activity and to enable ongoing evolution and focus that reflects the needs of those travellers who are considering visiting New Zealand.

To access some of the results and data available through our research programme, visit the research section of this website.

Tourism operations

Tourism New Zealand works with the industry to build capability in a number of key areas and help deliver initiatives that improve the experiences our visitors have in New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand is a joint-owner, along with the Automobile Association of New Zealand, of Qualmark. Qualmark is the New Zealand tourism industry's official quality accreditation programme, helping consumers and travel sellers book and buy with confidence. Tourism New Zealand is committed to raising the profile of Qualmark through our work on and offshore and is a proactive advocate for the programme.

We also play a role in the i-SITE Visitor Information Network, which delivers quality advice and information to visitors as they travel around New Zealand. The i-SITE New Zealand team is based in Tourism New Zealand's Wellington office and has responsibility for managing the i-SITE brand, its marketing, business systems and ensuring i-SITE centres offer a consistently high level of service to visitors.

We also get involved in other areas of the industry, wherever we see the need for greater education and assistance. Tourism New Zealand staff are closely involved with the development of the New Zealand cruise industry, are working to resolve some of the quality issues that the Chinese market faces through our ADS Programme, and to assist other sectors and regions of the industry with advice and support as required.