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staff forums held around the world aimed at bringing

our people together for business planning, learning and


A new internal communications platform has been

launched that will support how we collaborate and

engage globally and we have held two induction

programmes, bringing all new starters together in

New Zealand for an intensive period of learning and


The annual employee engagement survey saw the

organisation surpass the state service benchmark

once again, with the 78.2 per cent engagement score

positioning the organisation strongly among the ‘best

places to work’ as identified by the survey owner

IBM, assessed against all participating New Zealand



As we look forward to the new year, confidence is high

across the industry; the weakening of the New Zealand

dollar should help boost visitor expenditure further and

the three million annual arrivals milestone was achieved

in July 2015. With Tourism New Zealand’s current funding

and focus confirmed for another two years, we will

continue to deliver activity under our existing marketing


One of the biggest challenges we face is the significant

peak seen over the summer months and resulting

capacity constraints. In response, Tourism New Zealand

has set itself a new objective to disproportionately drive

shoulder season arrivals. As well as moving most of

our media investment to drive shoulder season travel,

we have also increased our focus on those sectors and

markets that are well aligned with shoulder season travel

including cycling, ski, international business events and

incentive travel, backpackers, premium, golf and the

India market.

Alongside capacity constraints comes the question

of how many international visitors the country is able

to host before the impact on New Zealanders, our

infrastructure and our environment turns negative.

Tourism New Zealand is acutely aware of the need to

sustain what is unique about our offer while growing the

value of tourism to the economy.

We will continue to play an active role alongside the

industry to manage impacts as we have this past

year, particularly around the issue of visiting drivers

and sustainability. We have initiated a programme of

activity aimed at up-skilling travel sellers about the

unique conditions faced when driving in New Zealand,

and will be delivering more comprehensive content to

consumers, urging them to learn more about driving here

before committing to self-drive. We are also investigating

the option for revising the existing Qualmark programme

to target business sustainability.

Thanks and acknowledgements

This past year Tourism New Zealand bid farewell one of

its longest serving staff members Gregg Anderson who,

after 22 years, has taken a well-deserved sabbatical and

is experiencing what it means to be a tourist himself.

There has been no change to the Board this past year

and we welcome the re-appointment of Chair Kerry

Prendergast for a further three-year term.

On behalf of the Board and Leadership Team we would

like to thank all of our people for their exceptional work

over the past year and their ongoing commitment to

excellence. The year ahead holds great promise.