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Strategic priority 4: Partner widely to activate conversion and marketing reach

Tourism New Zealand has continued to focus on commercial partnerships with aviation, overseas travel sellers, and with

Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) to drive preference and conversion oriented activity. This includes engaging with the

New Zealand tourism industry and overseas travel sellers to enhance their ability to market New Zealand and drive greater


Partnerships play an essential role within Tourism New Zealand’s activities. They provide opportunities to deliver coordinated

marketing activity packaged with a product that potential visitors can buy, thereby activating opportunities for conversion.

Partnerships also extend Tourism New Zealand’s marketing reach through attracting additional funding by way of cash and

in-kind support, and assist tourism industry partners by allowing them to leverage Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure

New Zealand marketing campaign, increasing their marketing effectiveness.

Partnerships with airlines and airports have provided essential foundations for building and sustaining supply-side capacity.

Tourism New Zealand partnerships deliver fully integrated joint venture campaign activity to support filling air capacity both in

long haul and trans-Tasman routes.

Partnerships with RTOs remain important with a view to promoting regional differentiation and maximising visitor value

outcomes for New Zealand. Partnerships range from high impact campaigns in Australia through to working together on

broadcast television production, the international media programme and visiting trade programmes.

Tourism New Zealand has developed a trade strategy that enables it to cater for the differences by market and has helped

identify the best partners to work with. Tourism New Zealand has integrated Māori culture and messages within the trade activity

in a way that demonstrates to visitors the diversity and availability of contemporary Māori tourism experiences in New Zealand.

Growth in the number of trade advocates to 1,345 in FY15 came from both the number of travel company advocates and also

the number of travel agents who are ‘100% Pure New Zealand Specialists’. The total value of partnership contributions has

grown in FY15 to $23.2m from $20.55m the previous year. Global agreements with airlines have contributed heavily, as well as

partnerships with travel sellers across the globe (e.g. Flight Centre, STA travel, Auckland International Airport).


FY15 actual

FY15 target

FY14 actual

Growth in the number of trade advocates




Growth in the value of partnership contributions




Strategic priority 5: Optimise delivery capability

Tourism New Zealand optimises internal delivery capability by ensuring that it has the right staff and systems, and assisting

with the capability of the industry in delivering a superior experience for visitors through Qualmark, i-SITE and Tourism New

Zealand’s China Market Development Unit.

Internally Tourism New Zealand has focused on building staff capability and adoption of technology to deliver productivity

and efficiency improvements.

Over the past twelve months the organisation has focused on developing its operational management capability, health and

safety management, and account management. A customer relationship management system has been implemented to

advance stakeholder relationship management.

The employee engagement survey result in FY15 was 78 per cent engaged, which is a very positive result. Ensuring that the

organisation has a work environment which supports employee engagement remains a priority for management.

Quality information was delivered through the 79-strong i-SITE visitor information network. Visitors who used the network had

a higher overall satisfaction rating of their holiday experience in New Zealand. New technology introduced through the year

improved productivity and allowed visitors to provide real time customer satisfaction feedback. The system uses the recognised

Net Promoter Score as a measurement – across 13 centres it is currently being used in, this sits at 81.9 after five months.


FY15 actual

FY15 target

FY14 actual

Improve employee engagement




Satisfaction of overall tourism experience for

i-SITE visitors exceeds that of non-i-SITE users

9.0/10 for i-SITE


8.9/10 for non-i-SITE


Maintain i-SITE users

at or above 9/10 and

above satisfaction levels

of non-i-SITE users

i-SITE users: 9.0/10

non-i-SITE users: