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As New Zealand’s National Tourism Organisation, we are the only entity within our country with the mandate and

resources to promote ‘destination New Zealand’ to potential visitors. Our work has been carried out under the

umbrella of the ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ campaign for over 15 years. The campaign was conceived in 1999 and

has evolved over the years to communicate the unique experiences available to people who visit New Zealand.

While advertising and promotion activity is where we focus many of our resources, our marketing also extends to

partnering with international travel sellers and airlines, engaging with New Zealand tourism operators, providing

information for visitors, and providing assurance of the quality of New Zealand’s tourism product and experience.

Tourism New Zealand is governed by a Board of Directors, which delegates day-to-day management of the organisation

to the Chief Executive.

Tourism New Zealand has 13 offshore offices, two in New Zealand, and 157 full-time staff members.

São Paulo

Los Angeles




New Zealand has fifteen

offices, two in New Zealand,

and approximately 157

full time staff