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On behalf of the Board and Leadership Team, it gives us

great pleasure to present Tourism New Zealand’s Annual

Report for the financial year ending June 2015.

Executive summary

It has been an absolutely stunning year - one that ended

on a high of 28 per cent growth in visitor spend; 7.4 per

cent growth in total arrivals and 10.4 per cent growth in

holiday arrivals. As a result, the industry is well on track

to surpass the international targets for growth set out in

the Tourism 2025 industry strategy. The past summer was

our busiest yet with some regions experiencing significant

capacity constraints at the peak of the high season.

Tourism New Zealand has developed, and now launched,

a new 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. The new edition

of the sixteen-year-old campaign is a departure from the

Middle-earth theme of the past three years that has been

exceptionally successful in connecting New Zealand with

Middle-earth. The new campaign has two main features –

firstly the message focuses on the abundant and diverse

activities that are available for visitors in New Zealand and

how easy it is to get from one activity to another.

The tagline ‘Every day a different journey’ brings this

message to life. The second main feature is a new design

system that introduces a new typeface and 100% Pure

New Zealand logo design, carved from native timber, using

traditional Māori techniques. The new design system is

distinctive and uniquely New Zealand.

Over the past year, significant progress has been made

across the organisation’s digital platforms, that saw more

traffic to

than ever before, with 24.4

million visits, up 34 per cent year-on-year. Our digital

marketing activity has also delivered 5.4 million referrals

that industry and international travel sellers can convert

into bookings, a 64 per cent year-on-year increase.

Our international media programme hosted some 450

media outlets, achieving around $490 million in equivalent

advertising value while our trade team hosted more than

1,000 international travel trade over the year. All in all, it

has been a significant and successful 12 months.

Partnership work across major activities

Tourism New Zealand delivers its activity from 15 offices

internationally and they target specific sectors and markets

that offer the greatest potential for growth in visitor value.

However, it is by working in partnership that we are able to

deliver to the level we do. It also aligns our work with the

Tourism 2025 strategic framework.

Over the past year an additional $23.2 million was invested

alongside our marketing activity through joint venture

campaigns and other mutually agreed activity. We signed

a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with

Air New Zealand, jointly indicating a desire to invest $20

million a year together, a three-year MOU with Auckland

International Airport for joint marketing in India and a new

two-year MOU with New Zealand Winegrowers Association.

We also delivered our second year of activity under two,

three-year MOUs, one with Singapore Airlines and the

other with China Southern Airlines.

Successful partnerships do not come any better than the

collaboration shown between Tourism New Zealand and

Chair and Chief Executive Report

Kerry Prendergast

Tourism New Zealand Chair

Kevin Bowler

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive