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Page Background

journey of two American tourists as they travelled

around New Zealand, and was promoted across key

markets through the Facebook and Instagram digital


This was a fresh, new marketing approach for all

involved, and as Facebook Creative Shop’s Gavin Carver

said at the time, “[it] paves the way for how we grow

clients’ business, build story-driven content, and

creatively inspire one another. Tourism New Zealand

is redefining marketing for this category. They have

married art and science to create content that is

relevant and engaging for a global audience.”

Closer to home Tourism New Zealand continued to refine

and evolve its core digital platform

The site delivered exceptionally strong performance

during the 2015/16 financial year with over 33 million

site visits. More importantly, these visits translated

into more than 2.8 million referrals to industry and

international travel sellers for conversion into bookings

(an average 240,000 referrals per month).

International media and trade


It was a significant and successful 12 months for Tourism

New Zealand’s international media programme. The

programme hosted some 550 media outlets, achieving

$311.7 million worth of media coverage (paid advertising

equivalent value).

The Tourism New Zealand trade team hosted more than

890 international travel seller representatives over the

year and there are now more than 1000 travel agents

who have achieved 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist


In September 2015 around 375 Australian travel agents

participated in Tourism New Zealand’s ‘All Stars Famil’;

they visited 23 regions and followed customised

itineraries based on touring, cycling and ski

themes. Initial results have shown that agents who

participated in the famil have outsold agents from the

same agency network who did not attend, which has

represented a 6:1 estimated return on Tourism New

Zealand investment.

Film tourism continued to play a big role in Tourism

New Zealand’s promotional programme with

international productions Pete’s Dragon and Ghost

in the Shell being in production during 2015/16.

It’s anticipated these films will assist Tourism New

Zealand to create marketing opportunities around

their respective launches in the 2016/17 financial year.

The Mood of the Nation

Over the past year Tourism New Zealand, in

partnership with Tourism Industry Aotearoa,

undertook research to measure New Zealanders’

perceptions of the tourism industry (The ‘Mood of the

Nation’). The survey was conducted in December 2015

before the peak season and again in late March 2016.

The research found that New Zealanders remain

positive about the number of international tourists

visiting New Zealand, however the record summer

of growth highlighted key pressure points to be

addressed. This included a growing national

conversation surrounding the safety of foreign drivers

on New Zealand roads and to a lesser degree the

presence of freedom campers.

Tourism New Zealand took practical steps with key

partners to help inform international drivers of New

Zealand’s unique road conditions and road rules and

reduce the impact of visiting drivers on others. At the

same time Tourism New Zealand maintained a focus

on increasing the value of international tourism to

New Zealand and enhancing New Zealand’s reputation

as a safe and welcoming destination.