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The Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) contains high-level indicators describing the key economic contributions that

international visitors made to the New Zealand. The following table details the most recent results available (for year

ending March 2015) and shows key indicators moving in a positive direction.


YE March 2015

YE March 2014 YE March 2013

International tourism expenditure in NZ




Tourism direct contribution to GDP




International tourism as a percentage of total exports




Tourism full-time employees — direct

168,012 (6.9%)

159,618 (6.8%)


Tourism full-time employees — direct and indirect

295,908 (12.1%)

280,743 (11.9%)

273,993 (11.8)

Total tourism expenditure (incl. domestic)




Tourism's contribution to GST earnings




*Note YE March 2013 and 2014 results have been revised by Tourism Satellite

Strong growth in visitor arrivals and spend for the FY16 period (highlighted in the following sections) provide confidence

that a positive result will be reflected in the next Tourism Satellite Account.

International tourism compared with New Zealand’s other key exports ($billion)












YE March 2012

YE March 2013

YE March 2014

YE March 2015

International tourism

Dairy products, including casein

Meat and meat products

Wood and wood products

Crude Oil

In planning the activities for the 2015/16 financial year to support Tourism New Zealand’s goal of increasing the value of

international visitors to New Zealand and contributing to the 2025 growth targets, the view was taken that, In the short to

medium term, restrictions on ground capacity were unlikely to be alleviated.

As there is little opportunity to increase throughput during peak times, over the 2015/16 financial year, Tourism New

Zealand redirected the focus of its activity to drive shoulder season demand (spring and autumn) in order to smooth out

demand on ground services.

International tourism is New Zealand’s second largest export

International tourism is currently New Zealand’s second largest export, behind dairy. A comparison showing how

international tourism compares with other major export sectors is shown below.

Data is sourced from the annual Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) published by Statistics New Zealand. The

TSA for the year end March 2016 is due to be published by Statistics New Zealand on 26 October 2016.