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Activity Performance

FY16 Actual $000s

FY16 Budget $000s

Appropriation One: Marketing of New Zealand as a visitor destination

Activity One: Deliver key visitor messages through the

100% Pure New Zealand campaign activity



Activity Two: Deliver key visitor messages through third

parties such as media, opinion leaders and broadcast




Activity Three: Partner with travel industry to convert

interest in New Zealand into travel and to extend

marketing reach



Activity Four: Inform and inspire global travel sellers to

assist them to market New Zealand



Activity Five: Deliver inspiring and informative

information to potential visitors



Activity Six: Communicate and engage with New

Zealand’s tourism industry to align industry investment

with Tourism New Zealand areas of focus



New Zealand and Offshore Support costs







Activity One: Deliver key visitor messages through the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign


New Zealand’s 100% Pure New Zealand campaign is held in high regard and consistent messaging of this proposition has

made it one of the most recognised and respected destination campaigns globally.

Tourism New Zealand continues to drive improvements in balancing the localisation of work with global insights and

shared learning from previous work. A key focus during FY16 was to promote travel in the shoulder seasons through

Tourism New Zealand's campaign work and the impact of this change in focus has begun to shape the timing of demand,

which resulted in growing off-peak travel periods faster than the growth achieved in peak/summer months.


Tourism New Zealand’s target audiences are those who are already actively considering a visit to New Zealand. As

Tourism New Zealand’s understanding of active considerer markets has increased (a result of in-market experience and

investment in market research), it has become possible to more accurately target activity towards higher value segments

and special interest sectors within key visitor markets.

Tourism New Zealand activity focuses on reaching active considerers primarily via the use of advanced digital marketing

tools. Digital marketing allows more accurate audience selection and minimises media wastage. During FY16, activity

has focused on high value segments and delivering a programme of fully integrated campaign, PR and trade activity to

maximise the effectiveness of delivery. Key campaign activities included:

‘100% Pure New Zealand and every day a different journey’; FY16 has seen ambassadors like James Cameron, Megan

Gale and Sidharth Malhotra promote activities in New Zealand.

Through the delivery of storytelling Tourism New Zealand has captured attention with campaigns like The Kombi

Diaries, a series of five short films following a couple's trip around New Zealand; and ‘Every day a different trail with

Megan Gale’ to promote shoulder travel.


New Zealand and 0ffshore support costs supplement the delivery of all six activities.