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Digital marketing — highly targeted and measurable activity:

Investing in paid search engine marketing, i.e. purchasing travel search terms utilised by active considerers to

draw them to

Investing in paid online digital display advertising, i.e. purchasing banner and rich media (video) advertisement

space on websites that reach active considerers.

Search engine optimisation; optimising

so that potential visitors are exposed to marketing

channels and content (and New Zealand content more generally) more often when they are researching travel


Promoting New Zealand as a compelling business events destination through campaigns in Australia, China, South

East Asia and North America, plus a global campaign targeting association decision makers.

Specific sector campaign activity targeting special interest activities (walking/hiking, cycling, golf and fishing),

backpacker and working holiday visitors, and China mono-destination/Free and Independent Travellers.

Highly targeted premium segment campaign activity.

Using new teams in emerging markets to build promotional activity to grow New Zealand’s profile and desirability as

a destination.

Campaign activity has close alignment with the industry’s shared framework for growth, Tourism 2025, in particular the

themes of:

Productivity for profit through driving demand for shoulder travel periods and regional dispersal.

Growing sustainable air connectivity through joint venture partnership campaigns.

Targeting higher value visitors through our investments in prioritised markets and segments.

Market insights

Tourism New Zealand supports the drive for increasing the value of international visitors by carrying out market research

to provide core intelligence and evaluation input into the development of marketing campaigns, providing insights on

growth in visitor numbers and value, and exploring high value segments.

In line with the ‘insights’ theme of the Tourism 2025 industry framework — growing value together — a focus for Tourism

New Zealand has been to share information and insights with the travel industry.

Key activity included:

Increased industry stakeholder engagement/communication of insights through provision of market snapshots,

industry insight presentations and webinars.

Active considerer research — regular surveying of target audiences across key and emerging markets to monitor

brand and campaign performance along with specific market issues.

Bringing the active considerer segmentation to life through reviewing and updating active considerer segment


Analysis of core tourism datasets including international visitor arrivals and the International Visitor Survey for

market trends, intelligence and strategic insight.

Digital analytics — active optimisation of

and digital campaign through measurement and analysis

of digital activity around campaigns and

Market insights activity is aligned with the Tourism 2025 framework, in particular the themes of:

Develop market insight and formulating models for better industry access to information.

Drive value through outstanding visitor experience through sharing market insight with industry. Link to Tourism

New Zealand’s strategic priorities.

Tourism New Zealand’s campaign and market insights activity is a key vehicle for delivering the brand message in its

off‑shore markets and delivers against four of the five strategic priorities from the three-year (later approved as a

four‑year) marketing strategy:

Grow a portfolio of markets that drives current opportunities and creates future market positions.

Drive preference for New Zealand.

Focus marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitors.

Partner widely to activate conversion and extend marketing reach.