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Activity three: Partner with the travel industry to convert interest in New Zealand into travel

and to extend marketing reach

Joint venture activity

Joint venture partnerships play an essential role within Tourism New Zealand’s activities. They provide an opportunity

to deliver Tourism New Zealand marketing activity coordinated with products that potential visitors can buy, thereby

activating opportunities for conversion. Partnerships extend Tourism New Zealand’s marketing reach through attracting

additional funding by way of cash and in-kind support as well as assisting tourism industry partners by allowing them to

leverage off Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure New Zealand campaign, thereby increasing their effectiveness in market.

Partnerships in FY16 included high impact campaigns in Australia, promoting New Zealand through significant television

broadcast productions, and visiting media and trade programmes.

Key activities included:

Partnered campaigns; partnering with public and private organisations to deliver campaigns that enabled Tourism

New Zealand to pair advertising with a travel conversion partner’s offer.

Partnership activity with Regional Tourism Organisations

Partnerships with Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs), predominantly in Australia for campaign work, remain

important, focusing on building regional stories (e.g. North Island touring, and ski holidays) and delivering conversion

activity to maximise visitor value outcomes for New Zealand.

Joint venture and partnership activity aligns with the Tourism 2025 strategy, in particular the themes of:

Targeting for value through our partnership campaigns that drive conversion of higher value visitors across our

markets and sectors.

Productivity for profit through driving regional dispersal and shoulder and off-season (ski) travel.

Working with the aviation sector

Partnerships with airlines and airports provide essential foundations for building and sustaining supply-side capacity.

Tourism New Zealand partnerships delivered fully integrated joint venture campaign activity to support filling

capacity both in long haul and trans-Tasman routes.

Tourism New Zealand continued to work closely with airlines to support and increase in-bound seat capacity to

New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand maintains agreements with aviation and airline partners, for example Air New Zealand, where they

are aligned with Tourism New Zealand’s international aviation strategy. Under these agreements partnered marketing

campaigns are carried out that support the aviation routes that are critical to developing tourism.

Working with the aviation sector activity aligns with the Tourism 2025 framework, in particular the theme of:

Growing sustainable air connectivity through memorandums of understanding with Air New Zealand and other

airlines, cooperation with airports and with connection to other parts of government and Ministers. Delivering fully

integrated joint venture campaigns allows flexible timing of activity to build non-peak travel to assist with airline load

factors with the long term aim of building sustainable airline connections to New Zealand.

Link with Tourism New Zealand strategic priorities

Tourism New Zealand’s joint venture and aviation activity is primarily aimed at achieving partnerships to activate

conversion and extend marketing reach.