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Activity Four: Inform and inspire global travel sellers to assist them to market New Zealand

Working with the travel trade

The overseas travel trade is an essential step for many people between considering a trip to New Zealand and deciding to

make a booking. Active considerers use a multi-channel approach for researching and booking travel and the travel trade

is active in many of these channels. Tourism New Zealand has delivered activity to educate, connect and familiarise global

travel sellers to enable them to sell more high value New Zealand holidays. Activity was delivered to:

Generate and convert consumer interest by fully integrating trade offers into partnered marketing campaigns.

Educate trade to improve product knowledge and increase volume and value of conversions.

Connect the New Zealand industry with the right trade partners.

Lead product development (itineraries) in market and facilitate information flow with New Zealand industry.

Key activities included:

Trade familiarisations, e.g. familiarisation visits to New Zealand for travel company product managers and decision


Online resources (primarily the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme) to increase the knowledge and sales of

travel sellers, including through region and product specific online training modules and product updates.

‘Training the trade’ programmes including face-to-face training workshops and virtual channels such as webinars.

Organising trade events and coordinating participation by the New Zealand tourism sector at international trade


Working with the travel trade aligns with the Tourism 2025 framework, in particular the theme of:

Targeting for value through activity focused on growing ability of trade offshore and in New Zealand to sell destination

New Zealand.

Growing the business events sector

The business events sector is a high value market segment for New Zealand. In addition to delivering an incremental direct

contribution through international delegates’ spend, holding international business events in New Zealand acts as an

economic development tool by facilitating new business-to-business relationships, encouraging knowledge transfer to

New Zealand and creating new investment opportunities. Business events are also an attractive way to bring visitors to

New Zealand in the shoulder and low seasons and address the seasonality of visitor streams.

With significant new conference facilities being planned and expected to become available in 2017 to 2018, Tourism

New Zealand is focused on promoting New Zealand as an international business events destination and growing the

value of this important international visitor sector.

In the trade space this includes:

Increasing Tourism New Zealand’s presence at global trade shows and events.

Delivery of a business events familiarisation programme.

Business events activity aligns closely with the Tourism 2025 framework, in particular the themes of:

Targeting for value: through a focus on growing the volume and value from a higher spending visitor sector.

Productivity for profit: promoting regional dispersal and shoulder season travel though considering timing of events

when deciding on support for and promotion of events.

Link with Tourism New Zealand strategic priorities

Tourism New Zealand’s activity in working with the travel trade area is primarily aimed at achieving priority four:

Partner widely to activate conversion and extend marketing reach.

Tourism New Zealand’s activity in the business events space is primarily aimed at achieving priority three:

Focus marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitors.