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Activity Six: Communicate and engage with New Zealand’s tourism industry to align industry

investment with Tourism New Zealand areas of focus

Industry communication, engagement and relationship building

It is important that Tourism New Zealand is completely connected with New Zealand’s tourism operators. This is achieved

by informing, engaging with and listening to the New Zealand tourism industry. The main goal of this engagement has

been to ensure alignment between market needs, Tourism New Zealand’s marketing programmes, and what is offered in

New Zealand. Key activities include:

Publications, including the regular delivery of e-bulletins and webinars.

Tourism New Zealand’s corporate website (touris

, which provides the industry with timely

information on recent activity and information on events as well as providing access to research and market analysis.

Speaking engagements, including industry presentations at conferences and seminars that update industry members

on changes within the global industry and the specific consequences these will have within the New Zealand tourism

market. These speaking engagements also allow Tourism New Zealand to hear from the industry including any

challenges they are facing or opportunities they have identified.

Working with other parts of government to streamline processes that facilitate travel for international visitors

and identify opportunities to work together in areas where interests overlap, including working with Education

New Zealand to identify and leverage international education opportunities.

In FY16, the tourism industry gained insight into changing market dynamics through a number of Tourism New Zealand

forums including workshops, seminars and webinars, providing the industry with opportunities to identify new ways to

improve the quality of the visitor experience.

Industry communication, engagement and relationship building activity aligns with the Tourism 2025 framework,

in particular the themes:

Drive value through outstanding visitor experience through working with government to improve visitor facilitation

e.g. visa and border processes.

Insight through providing channels to distribute and receive market insight with, and from, the wider industry.


Tourism New Zealand now owns 100% of Qualmark New Zealand Ltd after purchasing the remaining 40% shareholding

from the Automobile Association of New Zealand in September 2015.

Qualmark currently issues approximately 2,000 quality licences annually, by offering a star grading system for

accommodation facilities and an endorsement programme for activities, transport and services. To obtain a Qualmark

quality licence, an assessment is undertaken by a trained assessor who measures the quality of operators’ facilities and

business practices. This includes health and safety systems and service systems relating to guest care. Businesses can

also be recognised for excellence in environmental business practices through Enviro accreditation.

Qualmark aligns with the Tourism 2025 framework through the theme:

Drive value through outstanding visitor experience: through providing quality assurance for accommodation facilities

and an endorsement programme for activities, transport and services for international visitors.