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China Market Development Unit

China continues to grow rapidly and has become New Zealand’s second largest visitor market. However, the Chinese

visitor market is subject to a number of constraints in terms of realising its potential value to New Zealand with particular

quality issues that have required attention. Tourism New Zealand, largely through its China Market Development Unit,

delivers the following activities to support Tourism New Zealand’s goal to grow the proportion of high quality visitors from


Administering the Approved Destination Status (ADS) programme. This programme licenses New Zealand-based

inbound tour operators and tour guides that cater for the Chinese market, and monitors their conduct, performance

and quality standards. The unit also assesses new applicants, completes regular compliance monitoring and

assessments, and handles complaints and feedback from Chinese group tour visitors.

Administering the Premier Kiwi Partnership (PKP) programme, which aims to increase the proportion of quality

visitors from the China market through providing product development and marketing promotion support to selected

Chinese travel sellers and New Zealand inbound tour operators to reduce the barriers for a higher value exclusive

(mono) New Zealand product.

Producing Chinese language visitor information designed to increase China visitor knowledge, including the rights

and protections they have if visiting on an Approved Destination Status tour.

Engagement with relevant regulatory bodies.

The China Market Development Unit aligns with the Tourism 2025 framework, in particular through the themes of:

Targeting for value through the Premier Kiwi Programme which is focused on growing the proportion of high value

visitors from the China market.

Drive value through outstanding visitor experience through ensuring minimum quality standards for visitors from the

China market visiting on an Approved Destination Status tour.

Link with Tourism New Zealand strategic priorities

Tourism New Zealand’s activity in this area is primarily aimed at achieving priority five:

Optimise delivery capability.

Due to Tourism New Zealand’s specific work in addressing the quality issues faced by the China market in the attempt to

attract a higher value visitor, the activity also contributes to the achievement of priority three:

Focus marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitors.