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These encouraging results have led to a decision to focus virtually

all of Tourism New Zealand’s efforts on promoting off-peak

travel periods in 2016/17. While land-based price and availability

advantages will support further shoulder season growth, there

will be challenges to achieving this goal given airlines continue

offering additional summer capacity. Tourism New Zealand will

be working with our airline partners throughout 2016/17 to find

solutions around this issue.

100% Pure New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand continued to challenge itself to create

new and exciting ways of promoting New Zealand to the world

in 2015/16. The award winning 100% Middle-earth campaign

gave New Zealand renewed exposure around the world and

pushed visitor numbers to new records. In July 2015 Tourism

New Zealand followed up this success with the launch of a new,

refreshed 100% Pure New Zealand campaign using the theme

‘Every day a different journey’ and a new design system including

a new typography called ‘Pure Pakati’ with an increased emphasis

on our unique Māori culture.

The 2015/16 campaign specifically targeted the barriers to travel

and brought to life the notion that ‘everything in New Zealand is

close and that a diverse range of experiences are all within easy

reach’. In-market research undertaken showed that ‘motivation

to visit’ New Zealand as a result of seeing the campaign beat

the benchmark in all markets and broke the previous record for

motivation achieved by the 100% Middle-earth creative work.

Strategic commercial partnerships, including those with

Facebook and Google, Air New Zealand, United and American

Airlines, Auckland and Christchurch International Airports, and

luxury travel agency consortia Virtuoso, to name but a few, have

netted mutual benefits and extended the reach of the campaign

around the world.

Tourism New Zealand has also continued its successful approach

of partnering with influential celebrities to promote New Zealand

to different audience groups. The organisation started the

2016/17 financial year with new advertising featuring Hollywood

director and famed explorer James Cameron including a series of

short videos, a number of still images, and spoken content that

tells the story of his love of New Zealand and his encouragement

for people to be curious and explore our country.

The collaboration with James Cameron completed a significant

year of work with influencers: supermodel Megan Gale helped

promote cycling holidays to the Australia market, and actors

Huang Lei from China, Sidharth Malhotra in India and Joe Taslim

from Indonesia all became valued ambassadors for New Zealand

adding their skills and reach to the 100% Pure New Zealand

campaign in respective markets.

Driving digital partnerships

Also in 2015/16 Tourism New Zealand unveiled a new approach

to paid social media with video content made specifically for

Facebook and in collaboration with Facebook’s creative team.

The Kombi Diaries built on the ‘Everyday a different journey’

message through a series of five sequential films, followed the

Julian Apse