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visit). The concerted efforts of Tourism New Zealand in

partnership with American Airlines, United Airlines and

Air New Zealand, including roadshows to train more

than 2000 travel sellers, is encouraging many of the 15

million Americans who we know are actively considering

a holiday in New Zealand to make it a reality.

Given the growth we have seen in recent years, we know

it is important to be checking in with New Zealanders to

see how they are feeling about the industry in general.

While 96% of New Zealanders agree or strongly agree

that international tourism is good for New Zealand,

our Mood of the Nation research, conducted in

partnership with the Tourism Industry Aotearoa, also

shows that some communities are feeling increasing

pressure. Concerns regarding a lack of infrastructure,

environmental impacts, roading, and accommodation

are top of mind for New Zealanders when it comes to

tourism and we will continue to work across government

and industry to address concerns where we can. We

remain very aware of the importance of great product in

the marketing mix we manage.

A key area of this has been regarding visiting drivers.

For the past two years Tourism New Zealand has

steadily communicated the message of safer driving

to trade agents and directly to consumers. We have

promoted safer driving content online through the use

of influencers and social media, including a specific

campaign during the British and Lions Rugby tour

that reached 53,000 Australian and British visitors.

In addition, our trade partners are also taking up the

call to support safer driving in New Zealand. China’s

leading car rental company Zuzuche used NZTA and

Tourism New Zealand content to promote safety to its

customers via direct marketing, social media and with

an interactive online game.

Global media partners support

ongoing innovation

We continue to develop ground-breaking relationships

with global media partners. Our work with Facebook

was taken to a new level with a study allowing us to

identify the impact of our marketing on actual arrivals

and the value add we provide. Asking the blunt

question, ‘if we didn’t advertise at all, would we see the

same level of arrivals into New Zealand?’ we advertised

to one group of consumers on Facebook and ring-fenced

another group that received no advertising at all. At the

end of the 12-month test (involving more than 40 million

consumers across different markets), we found there

was a direct correlation between the advertising and

visits, with every $1 spent on our campaign returning $22

to the economy – a solid return on investment.

Our relationship with Chinese firm Tencent and profile

on its social marketing platform Wechat has extended

our reach to active considerers in China. With 889

million monthly active users and 10 million official

accounts, Wechat provides us with a significant

audience for promotions, while Tencent’s video channels

provide further influence.

Use of influencers reaching new highs

We began the year launching a new 100% Pure New

Zealand campaign with Hollywood director James

Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron sharing their

personal stories and insights while exploring some of

our most beautiful places. The campaign received high

praise in international media with

US Life and Leisure

commenting, “Cameron’s words combined with the

incomparable New Zealand landscape are enough to

inspire an impulse airplane ticket purchase.”

In July we also commenced activity to leverage New

Zealand’s connection to Disney’s

Pete’s Dragon


entirely in New Zealand. It proved to be one of the most

effective campaigns in our history. Follow-up research

revealed 97% of participants who saw the film were

more motivated to visit New Zealand because of it.

Pete’s Dragon

lead actress Bryce Dallas Howard now

joins Tourism New Zealand as an ambassador for FY18