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Strategic Priorities and Outcomes

Tourism New Zealand’s overall objective:

►► To boost New Zealand’s economy by growing the value of international tourism

Tourism New Zealand is a major contributor to the Government’s broader economic priorities and performance outcomes

for the tourism sector. Our strategic priorities align with the Government’s Tourism Strategy, that aims to increase the

economic contribution made by tourism at a national and regional level; the Business Growth Agenda in particular the

‘building export markets’ work stream goal of increasing the ratio of exports to gross domestic product to 40%, and the

industry goal of improving the value derived from the tourism sector to $41 billion by 2025.

Tourism New Zealand’s strategic priorities

Tourism New Zealand contributes to the Government Tourism Strategy through five strategic priorities:

▪ Strategic priority one:

Grow a portfolio of markets that drives current opportunities and creates future market

positions — Tourism New Zealand will deliver activity to grow the value of international visitors to New Zealand from

a prioritised portfolio of visitor markets. A future-focused position will be adopted by investing in selected emerging

markets to assist the New Zealand industry to realise potential value in the medium- to long-term.

▪ Strategic priority two:

Drive preference for visiting New Zealand — Tourism New Zealand will deliver strong,

positive, emotive and inspiring messaging to drive greater preference for visiting New Zealand.

▪ Strategic priority three:

Focus marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitors — ensure campaign

messages match the needs of the segments and sectors targeted to drive increasing value from visitors by

encouraging them to stay longer and do more while in New Zealand.

▪ Strategic priority four:

Partner widely to activate conversion and extend marketing reach — focus on commercial

partnerships with aviation and overseas travel sellers and continue our partnership with Regional Tourism

Organisations (RTOs) to drive preference and conversion-oriented activity. Tourism New Zealand will engage with the

New Zealand tourism industry and overseas travel sellers to enhance their ability to market New Zealand and drive

greater conversion.

▪ Strategic priority five:

Optimise delivery capability — optimising the internal delivery capability of Tourism New

Zealand through employing the appropriate staff and systems, and assisting with the capability of the industry in

delivering a superior experience through Qualmark, i-SITE and Tourism New Zealand’s China Market Development


Tourism New Zealand’s key activities

The following groupings illustrate how Tourism New Zealand’s activities are delivered to collectively achieve its strategic

priorities. All decisions on resource allocation (money, people and time), market and sector prioritisation, and activities

and channels are made with the intention of delivering on these priorities.

▪ Activity one:

Deliver key visitor messages through the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign activity.

▪ Activity two:

Deliver key visitor messages through third parties such as media, opinion leaders, and broadcast


▪ Activity three:

Partner with the travel industry to convert interest in New Zealand into travel and to extend marketing


▪ Activity four:

Inform and inspire global travel sellers to assist them to market New Zealand.

▪ Activity five:

Deliver inspiring and informative information for potential visitors.

▪ Activity six:

Communicate and engage with New Zealand’s tourism industry to align industry investment with

Tourism New Zealand’s areas of focus.

Tourism New Zealand’s performance against these activities is described in more detail in the Statement of Performance