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Total international visitor arrivals: 3.65m (YE June 2017) vs 3.31m (YE June 2016). (Source: International Travel and Migration, Statistics New Zealand)


Other revenue includes bank interest, partner revenue; it excludes foreign exchange gains.


Total expenses include offsets from foreign exchange reserves to protect the funding lines from adverse movements in foreign exchange during the

year with offshore expenditure. The total expense excludes other foreign exchange losses.

Statement of Performance


This section covers the New Zealand Tourism Board’s (trading as Tourism New Zealand) performance for the year ending

30 June 2017 against the forecast statement of activities, performance measures and standards set out in Tourism New

Zealand’s Statement of Performance Expectations FY17 (SPE).

Overall objective:

To boost New Zealand’s economy by growing the value of international tourism





An increase in the volume of visitors to New Zealand,

contributing to an increase in the tourism sector’s

contribution to New Zealand’s GDP

An increase on

2015/16 figures.




Tourism New Zealand’s resource allocation decisions were based on the extent to which each proposed activity

would contribute towards the delivery of outcomes described in the 2015-2018 Statement of Intent and Statement of

Performance Expectations FY17.

In FY17, Tourism New Zealand’s activities were funded primarily from one appropriation from within Vote Business,

Science and Innovation, into which Vote Tourism was merged in 2015.

Appropriation One: Marketing of New Zealand as a visitor destination


FY16 Actual $000’s

FY17 Actual $000’s

FY17 Budget $000’s

Crown Revenue




Other Revenue





Total Revenue




Total Expenses





Activity performance

In FY17 Tourism New Zealand focused on the following six activities:

1. Deliver key visitor messages through the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign activity.

2. Deliver key visitor messages through third parties such as media, opinion leaders and broadcast production.

3. Partner with the travel industry to convert interest in New Zealand into travel and to extend marketing reach.

4. Inform and inspire global travel sellers to assist them to market New Zealand.

5. Deliver inspiring and informative information for potential visitors.

6. Communicate and engage with New Zealand’s tourism industry to align industry investment with Tourism New

Zealand areas of focus.