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Activity Performance

FY17 Actual $000s

FY17 Budget $000s

Appropriation One: Marketing of New Zealand as a visitor destination

Activity One: Deliver key visitor messages through the

100% Pure New Zealand campaign activity



Activity Two: Deliver key visitor messages through third

parties such as media, opinion leaders and broadcast




Activity Three: Partner with travel industry to convert

interest in New Zealand into travel and to extend

marketing reach



Activity Four: Inform and inspire global travel sellers to

assist them to market New Zealand



Activity Five: Deliver inspiring and informative

information to potential visitors



Activity Six: Communicate and engage with New

Zealand’s tourism industry to align industry investment

with Tourism New Zealand areas of focus



New Zealand and Off Shore Support costs








Activity One: Deliver key visitor messages through the 100% Pure New Zealand

campaign activity

New Zealand’s 100% Pure New Zealand campaign is held in high regard and consistent messaging of this proposition

has made it one of the most recognised and respected destination campaigns globally. For the past decade Tourism New

Zealand has continued to evolve the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign with global insights and shared learning from

previous work. This approach has been effective in ensuring continued growth in visitor numbers overall and contributing

to the health of the tourism sector as a whole.

In FY17 Tourism New Zealand undertook considerable market research to provide core intelligence and evaluation input

into the development of marketing campaigns, providing insights on growth in visitor numbers and value, and exploring

high value segments.

Key market insight activity included:

Active considerer research — regular surveying of target audiences across key and emerging markets to monitor

brand and campaign performance along with specific market issues.

Analysis of core tourism datasets including international visitor arrivals and the International Visitor Survey for

market trends, intelligence and strategic insight.

Digital analytics — active optimisation of

and digital campaign through measurement and analysis

of digital activity around campaigns and


Joint qualitative research — surveying 6000 New Zealanders and active considerers from Australia, China, the US

and Germany to determine which tracks will be promoted in a full Department of Conservation–Tourism New Zealand

joint campaign due to launch in FY18.


New Zealand and 0ffshore support costs support the delivery of all six activities.


This includes funding from the Government as well as other funds received (for example, partnership contributions)