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Activity Two: Deliver key messages through third parties such as media, opinion

leaders and broadcast production

Public relations

Communication channels such as public relations deliver brand messages through third parties (e.g. opinion leaders,

independent media), drive preference for visiting New Zealand and assist in strengthening conversion of potential visitors

into actual visitors. During FY17, activity focused on high value segments and sectors and delivered a programme of

integrated campaign, public relations and trade activity to maximise effectiveness.

Public relations activity included:

Activity to build preference levels with target audiences and support conversion of visitors.

Hosting of international media and opinion leaders.

Providing support to targeted broadcast production projects that enabled Tourism New Zealand to communicate

its destination messages through existing broadcasters with good reach.

Capitalising on the demand for high quality content by generating content to widen the range of assets available

to publishers.

Developing and implementing media programmes to leverage the media opportunities associated with movies filmed

in New Zealand including

Ghost in the Shell


Pete’s Dragon


Supporting and leveraging events both on and offshore that provided a vehicle to communicate Tourism New

Zealand’s destination messages, including the 2017 British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour and the World Masters Games.

Continuing, and building upon, relationships with key opinion leaders such as Bryce Dallas-Howard (USA), Megan

Gale (Australia), Sidharth Malhotra (India), and Didi Wagner (Brazil) for use in PR and campaign activity to deliver the

100% Pure New Zealand message and deliver marketing reach.

Social influencers — growing engagement and reach with social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Weibo, Instagram)

via social influencers that assist Tourism New Zealand to build, engage and inspire active considerers.

Public relations activity is aligned with the Tourism 2025 framework, in particular the themes of:

Targeting for value through public relations work focused on growing preference for New Zealand among active

considers in key and emerging markets in particular, as well as special interest sectors.

Productivity for profit through driving regional dispersal and shoulder season travel including support for, and

promotion of, events.

Link with Tourism New Zealand strategic priorities

Tourism New Zealand’s PR activity is primarily aimed at achieving:

Driving preference for New Zealand.

Due to Tourism New Zealand’s desire to integrate messages across multiple platforms this output was frequently

part of the following priorities as well:

Focusing marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitors.

Partnering widely to activate conversion and extend marketing reach.