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Activity Two: Deliver key messages through third parties such as media, opinion leaders and

broadcast production





International media hosted from key Tourism New Zealand markets

Media visits featuring a cultural element

at least 50%



Media from emerging markets

36 media visits

54 media outlets

36 media visits

69 media outlets


Total media hosted — all markets

180 media visits

286 media outlets

180 media visits

396 media outlets



Equivalent advertising value (EAV) of print, online and broadcast in Tourism New Zealand markets


EAV from Content Generation




EAV from International Media

Programme (IMP)



Not Achieved


Total EAV — all markets





Premium sector media and EAV

Media from premium sector

18 media visits

25 media outlets

15 media visits

23 media outlets

Not Achieved

Not Achieved


EAV from premium sector IMP




Activity Three: Partner with the travel industry to convert interest in New Zealand

into travel and to extend marketing reach

Joint venture activity

Joint venture and partnership programmes play an essential role within Tourism New Zealand’s activities. They provide an

opportunity to extend Tourism New Zealand’s marketing reach, attracting additional funding by way of cash and in-kind

support as well as assisting tourism industry partners by allowing them to leverage off Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure

New Zealand campaign, thereby increasing their effectiveness in market.

Key joint venture and partnership activities in FY17 included:

Delivering high impact activity in Australia, delivered in partnership with Regional Tourism Organisations, airports

and airlines, including: North Island Touring campaign, South Island Touring campaign, New Zealand All Stars

roadshow trade training events.

Building upon partnerships with airlines and airports that provide essential foundations for building and sustaining

supply-side capacity; this included an extension of Tourism New Zealand’s partnership with Air New Zealand

investing up to $10 million each over 12 months for joint activity in Australia, China, North and South America, Japan,

Singapore, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Working alongside American Airlines and United Airlines and with New Zealand operators to host the “Best of New

Zealand Roadshow”, in 15 cities across the USA, delivering targeted engagement to inform and train key partners on a

New Zealand holiday.

Developing of a joint programme of work with the Department of Conservation whereby Tourism New Zealand shared

its research and insights capability to inform the Department’s product development, with campaign activity to be

delivered in FY18.


EAV results are not always available for all activity; so results will underestimate the actual value


Below target by $15m for EAV from the International Media Programme, however offset by higher EAV from Content Generation


Total EAV target includes $75m Content + $128m PR and IMP + $10m Major Events. The Major Events target is not reported separately


Below target by 3 media visits and 2 outlets for Premium sector media, however the overall target for EAV generated for the premium sector

from IMP was exceeded