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Activity Six: Communicate and engage with New Zealand’s tourism industry to

align industry investment with Tourism New Zealand areas of focus

Tourism New Zealand is deeply connected with the New Zealand tourism industry, engaging with and listening to

operators throughout the country to ensure alignment of market needs, marketing programmes, and visitor offerings.

Key activities include:

Publications, including the regular delivery of e-bulletins and research reports.

Tourism New Zealand’s corporate website


), which provides the industry with timely

information on recent activity, information on events as well as providing access to research and market analysis.

Speaking engagements, including industry presentations at conferences and seminars that update industry members

on changes within the global industry and the consequences these will have within the New Zealand tourism market.

Producing Chinese language visitor information (through the China Market Development Unit): designed to increase

China visitor knowledge, including the rights and protections they have.

Working with other parts of Government to identify opportunities to work together in areas where interests overlap.

Our industry communication, engagement and relationship building activity aligns with the Tourism 2025 framework, in

particular the themes:

Drive value through outstanding visitor experience through working with Government to improve visitor facilitation

e.g. visa and border processes.

Insight through providing channels to distribute and receive market insight with, and from, the wider industry.

Link with Tourism New Zealand strategic priorities

Tourism New Zealand’s activity in this area is primarily aimed at achieving priority five:

Optimise delivery capability.

Tourism New Zealand’s specific work in addressing the quality issues faced by the China market also contributes

to the achievement of priority three:

Focusing marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitors.

Activity Six: Communicate and engage with New Zealand’s tourism industry to align industry

investment with Tourism New Zealand areas of focus





Stakeholder engagement through

presentations at both industry

and Tourism New Zealand

organised events


at least 40 industry


opportunities available

across the year



Tourism New Zealand

communications (website /

e-newsletter / webinars etc.)

add value to tourism industry

stakeholders’ activities

85% of surveyed

stakeholders rate TNZ’s

communications as very

good or excellent



Tourism New Zealand

performance as a National

Tourism Organisation adds value

to tourism industry stakeholder


80% of surveyed


rate TNZ’s performance

as very good or excellent




Includes roadshows delivered by the chief executive and/or chair of Tourism New Zealand and presentations given by Executive Leadership Team to

New Zealand industry e.g. roadshows/conferences