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6. Safety and wellbeing

Tourism New Zealand is committed to maintaining a

healthy and safe work environment for its employees

and contractors in undertaking its activities. In 2016/17

we maintained two Safety and Wellness Committees

to improve employee participation in safety and

wellness due to the constraints of time-zones in the

12 countries which we operate. The committees are

progressively working to identify and address initiatives

which support maintaining employee health, safety and

wellness for their respective regions and across the

whole organisation. We have continued to provide a

‘great hosting’ and driver training programme to ensure

that all staff who host and drive are skilled to do so

safely and to a high standard. Measures indicate these

programmes continue to be very successful and our

employees feel increasingly that safety and wellness is


With a change to the safety legislation in New Zealand,

a programme of work was undertaken to ensure that all

practicable steps are taken to maintain a safe working

environment for our staff and others who work with

us. We have identified operational activities where

Tourism New Zealand acts in the capacity of a Person

Conducting a Business Undertaking (PCBU) and we

have established a process to ensure that together with

other PCBUs we are taking all practicable measures to

maintain the safety of staff, contractors and others. A

second audit has generated a refreshed programme of

work which is not as extensive as the prior programme,

reflecting the focus away from development of safety

and wellness processes and practices, as these are now

in place, to maintaining them and providing assurance

through reporting.

Work place assessments and the provision of special

equipment continue to be undertaken and provided to

ensure that employees are able to contribute effectively

in all aspects of their working life.