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Andrew Fraser

  1. Tourism New Zealand has been reviewing its approach to the backpacker market and over the past few months we have undertaken a series of research projects to refine our understanding of this lucrative market.

  2. Advances in mobile technology mean that Tourism New Zealand can identify exactly where a person is when accessing newzealand.com. This information is especially useful once an international visitor has arrived here on holiday. Visitors have always been able to access newzealand.com when here, but the version they viewed was exactly the same as the one they saw prior to travel.

  3. International backpackers travelling through Australia are the target of Tourism New Zealand’s latest backpacker campaign encouraging more of these valuable visitors to cross the ditch and visit New Zealand.

  4. The launch of Tourism New Zealand’s next generation of 100% Pure New Zealand campaign this month marks a significant shift in timing for us as we focus on promoting arrivals in the shoulder season. The majority of our marketing effort is going into attracting visitors during the months of October, November, March and April which is why our campaign is being launched now rather than later in the year to attract summer visitors.

  5. Last week, we launched a campaign in the US fronted by well-known TV personality Phil Keoghan - with the aim to encourage Americans to take a cycling holiday in New Zealand, promoting the country's diverse and breathtaking cycling landscapes and extensive trail network.

  6. Tourism New Zealand's digital marketing webinar, held last week, discussed the mobile and social performance of some of the organisation's key marketing channels, namely newzealand.com, Facebook and Instagram.

  7. Around 83 per cent of international travel considerers say they trust a travel recommendation received through social media sources.

  8. The next evolution of Tourism New Zealand's 100% Pure New Zealand campaign work is live across the globe - taking the successful campaign into its latest phase focusing on the concept of journeys.

  9. Today we launched an exciting new promotional video, 5X1NZ, featuring extreme athlete Chuck Berry completing five adrenalin-fuelled activities in one continuous go- all in one hour.

  10. Travellers are now engaging with digital media prior to and throughout the travel process. With people checking their mobile phones an average of 150 times per day, mobile needs to be an increasingly important channel for operators.

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