Justin Watson

  1. Gaining compelling, high-profile media coverage to motivate our target markets to travel to New Zealand is an essential part of our preference building activity, and the main aim of our PR teams.

  2. New Zealand turned heads at this year's Luxperience, the Southern Hemisphere's luxury travel trade event.

  3. While the dropping temperatures mark the end of a successful summer season for most - ski fields across the country are scheduled to open this month and the industry is gearing up for a bumper ski season.

  4. At an average spend of $2.7m tourism dollars per yacht - why wouldn't we?

  5. A critical step to realising the potential of offshore markets is ensuring travel sellers are knowledgeable about New Zealand and are able to effectively sell it as a holiday destination.

  6. While 2014 sees Tourism New Zealand increase its activity in new sectors and new emerging markets, the importance of our closest neighbour, Australia, is not being ignored.

  7. Last week Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) announced the establishment of its Premium Travel team as it gears up to begin to target the lucrative global premium travel sector.

  8. Over the last month we have reached some significant milestones in our work to establish a strong presence in the three new priority 'emerging markets' of India, Indonesia and Latin America. Research has been completed, strategies put in place, new office locations determined and recruitment undertaken.

  9. In recent months, Tourism New Zealand has completed a number of face-to-face meetings and conducted surveys with the industry. Each time, your feedback has been that you want to see more of the research that we use to shape our strategy and plans.

  10. Back when we first started talking about our new three-year marketing strategy, the industry told us loud and clear that they wanted to see more research from Tourism New Zealand.

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