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North America New Zealand Roadshow 2017

Event Type: TNZ Offshore Event
Location: East and West Coast, North America
Market: North America

2017 is a year of growth for the North American Market to New Zealand, both United Airlines and American Airlines launched new non-stop services last year and we have seen growth of upwards of 20%. We are committed to doing our part to continuing this growth.

Our strategy this year requires us to expand the New Zealand story to several new markets, so we’ve taken a fresh approach which will provide extended reach and each operator will receive maximum value for their investment. 

We are organizing two bespoke weeklong event roadshows following the opening of the Tuku Iho exhibition in Washington, DC and Los Angeles.  Each event will be custom designed to showcase important East and West coast US cities.  

The following prospectus outlines the criteria we will use to select the operators to join us and also how we will customise the roadshow to personalise each group.  Please read this prospectus carefully.

Read Tourism New Zealand Participation & Selection Criteria, and event Terms & Conditions


Renata West, Trade Executive, North America
Stephanie Bamford, Trade Events Manager