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RTO Workshop Australia 2018

Event Type: TNZ Offshore Event
Location: Sydney, Australia
Market: Australia

The RTO Workshop Australia is an annual Tourism New Zealand offshore event that provides a unique opportunity for New Zealand Regional Tourism Organisations to educate and establish business relationships with key product managers from Australia. The Workshop includes pre-scheduled meetings with product managers and networking opportunities at official event functions.

Delegates will need to make their own accommodation arrangements. We recommend that delegates book accommodation quickly as the RTO Workshop will take place during Chinese New Year.

Key dates:

11/09/2017: Event prospectus live on event listing
13/09/2017: Registrations open
10/11/2017: Registrations close
29/11/2017: NZ delegation confirmed

Read Tourism New Zealand Participation & Selection Criteria, and event Terms & Conditions


For more information contact:

Stephanie Bamford - Trade Event Manager Wellington
Kathleen Finneran - Trade Development Executive Australia